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Immigration brings both benefits and costs – but no reason to leave

If UK voters decide to leave the European Union, it will be for one reason above all. From the outset, nationalism bordering on xenophobia has been a defining feature of the Leave campaign. Having lost the argument on broader economic issues, it looks likely the Leave camp will fight the final month of the campaign on immigration.

The scapegoating of migrants for the UK’s economic problems will become increasingly unrestrained as the referendum date approaches. 

The key policy issue for China's leadership - urbanization

With China's credit crunch hitting the financial headlines today, it is a good time to look at some of the issues and concerns that are really driving China's political leadership.  Right at the top is that of urbanization, in all its aspects and complexity.  It is at once an economic, social, demographic and political issue.  The scale of the challenge is almost unimaginable to non-Chinese, and awe-inspiring to those of us who have at least had a modest first-hand introduction to the subject. See here for a recent piece in the New York Times on the subject.  And this from a recent Nomura note, cited in Financial Times Alphaville (20th June), see here (and also here):