How The Light Gets In Festival

Anne Pettifor will be speaking at HowTheLightGetsIn, the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, this May. Bringing together world-leading scientists, musicians, philosophers and politicians including Roger Penrose, Natalie Bennett, Paul Krugman, Fiona Shaw, Mike Skinner, Polly Toynbee, Lianne La Havas, Tariq Ali, Martin Creed, and John Searle for debates, talks and wild parties, this year’s programme examines the elements of reality that might soon turn out to be illusions. 

Anne Pettifor will be joining Robert Shiller and Michael Howard to debate economic growth in ‘Infinite Boom’. For more info head to

Book and Kitchen

How can a democratic society break the despotic power of finance? And of the neoliberal orthodoxy?
How do we define and make sense of our financial resources, and how do they undermine democracy?

Join us for the launch event of our People & Politics series that aims to delve beneath the surface of some of the most urgent political and social issues that are facing both young and old in the UK and beyond. The first season will focus on the theme of Democracy in the 21st Century. 

Ann Pettifor is a leading economist and is attributed with predicting the recent financial crisis. She will be approaching the theme of the series from the perspective of “Resources”. She will be discussing how the economy and financial system can work together for mutual prosperity, and how society can curtail the power of a very powerful financial elite. 

Some of the questions we will be asking Ann: 

What is “austerity” in this context of democracy? How do we democratise our financial system and integrate it into political debate? What does it mean to say “Britain cannot afford x”? What is the link between financial capital and our natural resources? How do we resist the dominant neoliberal economic orthodoxy? What is “the market” (i.e. sovereign debt markets) and how/why do they have so much power over us?

Join us for a captivating interview and discussion with Ann Pettifor. All guests will have the opportunity to ask questions.