Catalonia v the Spanish State - where now?

To no one’s great surprise, the Spanish Constitutional Court, on application from the Spanish government of Mariano Rajoy, has issued an injunction prohibiting the Government of Catalonia from proceeding with its planned consultative referendum vote on independence, du to be held on 9th November.

The Catalan Law “authorizing a non-binding consultation on independence and participation” lays down the question to be posed to the people of Catalonia:

“Do you want Catalonia to become a state? If so, do you want this state to be an independent one?”

Mapping France - the link between unemployment, GDP and voting Front National

Correlations do not necessarily imply causation, as we know, but we can indeed see a strong correlation between areas that voted for Marine le Pen's Front National in the recent European Parliament elections, and areas of high unemployment in France.  This in itself is no surprise, but the geographical correlation - though not perfect - is striking.  and it is hard not to conclude (as I do!) that the combination of Eurozone and French economic policies over recent years that have allowed GDP to stagnate high and persistent unemployment to perdure -  for too long in too many regions - is a major factor in the growth of electoral support for the Front National.

Reuniting the monetary union: a proposal to counter the eurozone’s imbalances

Almost four years after the beginning of the euro crisis, we have managed to avert a collapse, but not to foster a steady recovery. For too long we relied on a diet of austerity as the only possible cure. But the treatment turned out to be ineffective, and even harmful, because it was based on the wrong diagnosis. Public debts were blamed, budgets were slashed, the recession deepened. Only recently has expert opinion acknowledged that public debts are, if anything, just part of a broader and different problem: foreign debts.